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Straight & Narrow, Inc.
     508 Straight St., Paterson
Opp ID61 Posted on March 19, 2014
Contact Info Reina Rivas
973-345-6000 ext. 6306

Volunteers needed at Family Success Center in Paterson.  Childcare workers, tutors, computer specialists, clerical, translators/interpreters (Spanish), bakers, cooks, garden specialist, arts & crafts specialist.

Opp ID62 Posted on March 19, 2014
Contact Info Reina Rivas
973-345-6000 ext. 6639

Instructional Aide Experienced in tutoring and/or teaching from one to four days per week. Must have high school diploma; college degree preferable. Duties are providing one-on-one tutoring to special education students who are in recovery from substance abuse, suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning disabilities. The aide will assist classroom teacher with daily routines, e.g., handing out supplies and collecting work folders. The Adolescent Unit's population is multi-cultural; students come from a variety of social and economic settings and include recovering drug users, drug dealers, and gang members. Working with them requires sensitivity and the ability to provide structure and keep them on task.

Opp ID64 Posted on January 22, 2015
Contact Info Joe Duffy
973-345-6000 ext. 6280
S&N welcomes volunteers interested in doing some much needed spackle and paint work on its men's residential unit. 86 men live on the third floor there in bedrooms that house from 4 to 12 men. The me live here for up to six months, sometimes longer. People graduate or leave weekly so there is a lot of coming and going and therefore hanging of things meaning walls have holes and take a beating. We would supply the paint, spackle, brushes and related supplies. You supply the volunteer labor. Can you put together a team, perhaps a youth group, confirmation class, other parish group, any willing group of parishioners, to do one or more rooms? We can schedule around your availability weekdays, weekends or evenings. Besides bedrooms there are large shower/bathrooms, recreation rooms and offices that would love a makeover. If interested contact Joe Duffy at 973-345-6000 ext. 6280 or jduffy@straightandnarrowinc.org
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