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Straight & Narrow Alumni Testimonials

We have serviced thousands of clients and are very proud of our alumni, below are some of the testimonials we have received from our graduates.

Anonymous - Graduated 1979
"Thanks to Director Virginia Docey, Father Termyna, Father Reading for their endless help, without which I never would have made it."

Joseph - Graduated 2017
"Although I wasn't aware of it at the time, Straight N Narrow provided me with the base of knowledge that I needed enabling me to continue living my life clean and sober after my departure. I found Straight N Narrow to have had a huge influence on me during my stay there as even once I came home I frequently resorted to thinking back on what I would be doing during the different times of day while I was in treatment. It was really an eye-opening experience for me to see the progress that I made once I forced myself to look inward and believe in the changes that were needed because Straight n Narrow opened my eyes to many positive possibilities in my life. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have attended your Paterson, N.J.facility. "

Note Received With Anonymous Donations
"About 25 years ago, we had a daughter who graduated from this program. She is doing well, thank you. We have donated for many years …we know the drill
All these items are new, for the group of gals to use themselves or give away to family, friends and others that they wish to! They need to know the world cares! Please distribute as you see fit. It is our way of thanking the program! We continue to pray for your recovery-we feel it is the best recovery place. All the BEST to all of you! Happy holiday-a healthy happy New Year to all. Pray for us; we will pray for you."

Kimberly - Graduated 1999
"when my journey began it was through the judicial system. after completing my 18 months I decided to finish program and stayed 23 months to graduate. best move I ever made. all those in treatment please give yourself a break and allow straight and narrow to take care of you. all the staff was excellent and caring. thank you straight and narrow for the love and direction."

Christine - Graduated 2008
"I might have hated it, going into S&N but it changed my life! Staff and clients both supported me and put me not only on the road to recovery but on the road to a better life. I'm still friends with many of the woman I graduate with and have a love for all of them that I never thought possible before."

Stephen - Graduated 2011
"I completed S&N May 2010 to May 2011. I will have 8yrs clean May 18, 2017. I currently work at a residential unit in my home town Atlantic City. Im grateful for my humble beginnings"

Carlos - Graduated 2015
"Straight and Narrow saved my life"

Carl - Graduated 1972
"GOD,Father Greco and staff relieved me of my heroin addiction"

Chris - Graduated 2015
"For me it is the people who work and live a productive life in recovery at Straight & Narrow. That gave me hope when I thought all hope was lost!"

Richard - Graduated 1986
"If it was not for S&N and all their great people working there,they saved my life.I thank them all for all they have done for me and all the other people they helped throughout the years. THANKS TO ALL"

Client's Parent - Graduating 2017
"I just would like to take the time to acknowledge your facility and staff. My daughter is currently in Staright and Narrow. From the moment she was admitted there I noticed some extraordinary people that work there. I cannot say enough about the staff and daily structure that your facility exhibits. My deepest appreciation has been heartfelt since the day she entered Straight and Narrow. Thank you for all of the efforts that your staff provides on a daily basis to save ones life. I will always be grateful and remember Straight and Narrow and your amazing staff... Please keep up the the Sensational work... it is when we give up they give up."

Ed - Graduated 1992
"It took me 2 tries at S&N but sometimes we need to trip up a bit to move on. I was stipulated the first time and volunteered the second where i learned the most. I owe a lot of my life to the people who helped me along the way as well as my friends i stuck with from the program. It may sound weird but i miss it a lot sometimes not just the program but the fond memories that i'll never forget like the lake trips, the S&N softball team amongst other things but mostly the friendships or should i say my family that i've grown so close to. We've lost some great people along the way May God Rest their souls and they will not be forgotten. It was a very great and important part of my life."

Angela's unique testimonial appeared in The Herald News and focused on the help S&N and Monsignor Wall gave her and her family when her brother struggled with addiction in the 1960s.

I am writing to commend Rosalie Longo on her article on Straight & Narrow's 50th anniversary. I am extremely grateful for her giving Monsignor William Wall the credit and rememberance he truly deserves.

I would like to extend my congratulations to all those making Straight & Narrow a success for the 50 years of its existence. This treatment center has done a superb job in helping those that society condemns and forgets.

I am aware Straight & Narrow began as a treatment center for alcoholics in the early 1960s, drug addiction became a problem among many youths. Little was known about it, help for addicts and their families was nonexistent and the problem was hidden behind many families' doors. For the family, there was only disgrace, shame and the horrors of all the implications of drug addiction.

Mny family was one of these in the '60s when my brother became a drug addict. I was 12 years old and shared the agony with my parents as well as my addicted brother.

At that time, we became one of the first families to participate in Monsignor Wall's program for drug addiction. Every week he held meetings for the families. His approach was very firm but caring. he was a pioneer in drug rehabilitation. He also was a precursor to groups such as Narc-Anon. Monsignor Wall could be seen in his khaki pants, sweatshirt and coffee in hand. He was a man's man as well as a man of God. he always showed concern for me, a frightened child facing a tough problem and helped me to understand and to continue loving my brother.

I truly admired the Monsignor and could never forget him. I treasure the picture I have of him hanging in my home. He created a bond with all of those he touched and I felt the need to honor him. I am sure his spirit walks the halls of Straight & Narrow, uplifting those in need.

He has been gone many, many years, but will never be forgotten by me or my family.

If you are an alumni of Straight & Narrow we want to hear from you too, click to learn more!
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