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  • 9/13/2013 pg. 4 The Record
  • Letter To The Editor - Alcohol, drugs, not needed to have fun

    Regarding "Taking a positive path together" Page(L-1, Sep 8):
    I was pleased to read the article, but I would like to point out that there is a lot more to this story.
    The Eva's Village and Turning Point treatment programs were acknowledged for the participation of their clients and staff, who were present in large numbers. Eva's Village is to be commended for its planning and conduct of that day and its work establishing the Passaic County Walk for Recovery three years ago.
    During the event, Eva's provided the organization and orchestration of the program as well as the recreation, entertainment and food at Eastside Park. But there were clients and staff from other treatment facilities there as well, including almost 200 staff and clients from Straight and Narrow in Paterson, the oldest residential and outpatient treatment agency in New Jersey.
    The band mentioned in the article is the gospel choir from Straight and Narrow. Local, county and state officials joined us at the county courthouse, a proclamation was read from the Passaic County freeholders and the point was well made throughout the day that help is available to persons suffering from mental illness and alcohol and substance abuse. And the point was also made that people can come together in large groups, be social and have a great time with-out the need for drugs or alcohol to get the party going.

    Joseph F. Duffy

    Paterson, Sept. 10

    The writer is executive director of Straight and Narrow, Inc., Paterson.
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