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Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent Unit House meeting
Residential Drug Treatment For Adolescents
Helping young men back on the right path, giving them a full and productive life.

  • 396 Straight St., Paterson, NJ 07503 - Directions
  • Phone: 973-345-6000 x6500
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Straight & Narrow provides residential substance abuse treatment to adolescent males between the ages of 13 and 17. The length of treatment is clinically driven with an average stay of 5 to 6 but may be shorter or longer based on the client's individual treatment needs. Client’s progress is formally reviewed by the Multi-disciplinary Treatment Team (MDT) on a monthly basis. All clients who enter the adolescent program are linked to supportive aftercare and follow-up services before they leave Straight & Narrow.

The adolescents who come to Straight & Narrow have experienced problems at home, in school and frequently with the juvenile justice system. Our goal is to provide them with age-appropriate structure and treatment in a consistent and caring environment in which individual strengths and potentials are identified and developed. Academic support and extra-curricular activities help support the recovery process.

Treatment services include 12 Steps, individual and group counseling sessions, didactic/educational sessions that focus on substance abuse and related topics such as relapse prevention, anger management, gang membership, HIV and health issues. Additional services include urine monitoring and onsite medical and psychiatric treatment.

Straight & Narrow views recreational and leisure time activities as vital to the well-adjusted adolescent. The treatment staff seeks to develop those interests, skills and hobbies that will provide satisfaction throughout the client’s life by introducing activities that include a full array of dynamic sports as well as picnics, excursions to plays, museums and sporting events.

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